Google+ Styled Buttons

Inspired by the web, and Created by Bruce Galpin (Social-IT-e Media).

This is an easy to implement framework of Google+ styled buttons, icon buttons & dropdown menu buttons that look and work great in web applications.


Google+ Buttons / Icon Buttons

Active Left Middle Right

Google+ Action Buttons

Google+ Icon Buttons with Label

Profile Find Left Middle Right Normal Red Blue Green Yellow

Dropdown Menu Buttons

Google+ Icons (200)

This icon set is brought to you by WebDesignShock.

Roll your mouse over the icons for the icon classname and title. The tooltip is a customised jQuery TipTip plugin (included in the download).

Credits / Help:

Social-IT-e Media The Blog Documentation

Browser Support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE7+

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You are free:

If you wish to develop further on these buttons, please remember to share with the web design community so we can all benefit!